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    Machinery industry  has been the driving force behind Turkey's industrialization process due to its rapid growth based on high value added and its contributions to other sectors. The low cost of engineering services with respect to other countries increases the competitiveness of Turkish Manufacturers, especially for tailor made and turnkey plant production.

    The overwhelming majority of machinery manufacturers in Turkey are small or medium enterprises like many other countries. This makes possible a rapid and flexible adaptation to changing economic conditions and technological developments.

    Young, dynamic and well-trained labour force combined with a professional concept of work places a value on production of the desired quantity and quality. Turkish machinery is preferred in international markets because competitive prices and good quality.

    The product range of the Turkish machinery industry consists of boilers and burners, power turbines, pumps and compressors, valves, air conditioning units, refrigerators, industrial furnaces, rolling mill, foundry machines and moulds, food processing machines, agricultural & woodworking machinery, material handling & lifting machines, construction & mining machinery, paper & printing machines, washing, drying and dry cleaning machines, textile machinery, leather processing machinery, rubber & plastic processing machinery, metal working machinery & machine tools, engines & spare parts, office machinery, bearings, arms & ammunition, packaging machines.


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