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    The telecommunications sector in Turkey has evolved considerably in recent years, starting with the privatization of 55% of Turk Telekom stocks to to Oger Telecoms Joint Venture Group in 2005. The diversification of services within the telecommunications sector via mobile phones and the Internet has created new opportunities that form attractive areas for further investments and/or for international collaborations.

    Turkey has the following public telecommunication operators:

    • TurkTelekom (fixed lines and internet services under brandname TTNet)
    • AVEA (TurkTelekom subsidiary in GSM)
    • Turkcell (GSM operator and internet services under brandname SuperOnline)
    • Vodafone (GSM operator)

    Competition in the telecom sector is very intense, operators are now looking for new sources of revenue generation to sustain and gain their market share. This is prompting them to promote new technologies as 3G, IPTV and WiMAX in the country. Hence, operators in the region are aggressively pushing the deployment of network infrastructure suitable for these technologies.

    The Turkish information technology (IT) industry (hardware/software) is dynamic and fast developing one. The IT industry had achieved significant capabilities, benefiting from the availability of well educated and energetic pool of computer professionals (engineers/technicians) supported by Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council and academicians at the universities. So, the industry has the potential to boom and significantly contribute to the national information infrastructure.

    Initiatives and developments in the telecomunication and  IT sectors have produced many high-end products and expert services. Companies developed these products/services are playing major role in local market and lately looking for overseas opportunities especially in Arab world and Central Asian Republics.

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