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    SAHARA Group was founded by a diverse group of entrepreneurs including academicians, professionals and businesspersons. The aim of the founders is to create value added services by combining a wide-range of professional skills and business experiences of team members and their network for the benefit of the Turkish business society as well as for the business society of the regions in which Sahara Group serves. By doing so, it has started as a 'business development' platform between Turkey and the Arab World, but later with the initiatives of partners, it has expanded operations / activities in the Central Asian Republics and other neigboring countries as well.

    SAHARA Group is capable of mobilizing a comprehensive network of people including businesspersons, public servants, professionals, academicians within the regions of its operations. Yet, it is capable of reaching a wider market coverage together with a large group of specialists in various sectors. The skills, knowledge, experience and networking capabilities of our team creates “ the Business Intelligence” for smooth and profitable business opportunities for all parties involved.


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